During our conversation tonight, I talked about a video about the next 30 years of the internet as a resource of information to feed some brainstorming ideas about marketing Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.

I also shared that facilitating campaigns and enabling other to have the appropiate tools to become an effective “word of mouth” on the internet has been and continues to be done very succesufully by Charity : w a t e r, and to my surprise I found that just two days ago they sent me an email with proof (photos, GPS location, etc.) of the project that my campaign helped in Ethiopia (totally cool!)

And finally, we talked about using Twitter and I described the use of #hashtags and Twitter search.

So, below are the links for your reference.



Our Digital Society in the Next 30 Years: An Interview with John Battelle


C h a r i t y : w a t e r – Armando’s Boooorn in July campaign

The site: http://borninjuly.org/

The campaign: http://bit.ly/charityarmando36

The completed project: http://bit.ly/QZIC8H


Twitter Search and #hashtags